What is itsyourmap?

itsyourmap is a platform where you can create your own custom maps and allow them to be developed by yourself or by users.

You can freely set and publish your own maps from the panel where you control the maps by logging in from the left menu.

The maps created in itsyourmap cover the whole world, which makes it useful for maps to be used and utilised by the whole world.

With itsyourmap you can create unique maps and help visitors. The number of visitors to your map and some statistics are written in your dashboard. There is no limit to what you can do in itsyourmap. For example, don't you think this world needs a map of architectural trends? Or a map of tourist spots that no one knows about? With itsyourmap, show unique maps to the world!


itsyourmap does not collect any information other than the information you provide and does not share this information with third parties and organisations.


itsyourmap aims to create a social and informative platform for you. Our only goal here is to create an environment where people can benefit from each other.


We want to provide you with information that is not available on the Internet, that you can think of, that the Internet community needs, and we want everyone to benefit from this information.


Free Pack


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  • Create 3 Map For Free
  • Connections Feature
  • Geometrics Feature
  • Password Protected Maps
  • Unlimited Markers
  • Unlimited Comments